Mexican or Bush Tucker Trial

Todays choice of restaurant was Wahaca in Cardiff City centre. This is a new Mexican restaurant. When my friends mentioned they would like to try it I thought it may just be an ordinary mexican but I was proven wrong in fact this brings a glorious change to the Mexican food I have been served in the past. The Menu is unique one, I choose to have the street food, which was presented in the Tapas style a number of small plates that were equally delicious. We had “to nibble” chips and Guacamole, which was fresh, chunky and really enjoyable, the chips were crisp and had been baked well. The two street dishes I tried were weird and gorgeous. The first was a simple yet scrummy marinated chicken Taquitos (rolled taco, or flauta) this was accompanied with shredded lettuce, Lancashire cheese and fresh tomato salsa. My second dish I feel could only be described as a yummy but curious bush tucker trial. Chapulines Fundido sounds interesting, what it is Mexican crickets cooked with onions and chillies creating a nutty salsa, smothered with melted cheese. This dish was smoky, I definatley recommend it, the Crickets tasted like bacon and were a little addictive. Entomophagy as the Wahaca’s menu described is popular and an answer to food shortages. Now I don’t think I will be eating my creepy crawly friends from now on but it is a unique and interesting dish, I will definitely be returning to Wahaca to see what else they have up their sleeves. All together the restaurant was funky and well set out and the food was a good price, including a luscious citrus fizz drink my meal came to £13.95. Wahaca is a brilliant new edition to Cardiff’s restaurant scene.

Crickets anyone?
Crickets anyone?


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  1. WoW – I never knew Cardiff had such a range of good eating venues. If I ever manage to get across that way (all the way from Essex) I shall give some of them a try. Looking forward to reading more.

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