Best Waffles in Cardiff!

A good waffle is a hard find. Clive Road in Canton was not the place I expected to be served what is arguably the best waffle in Cardiff. Appropriately titled Waffle, this small discrete cafe full of charm was a greet place for me to catch up with a close friend.

Waffle is full of Welsh charm with Welsh artists paintings for sale inside and a separate menu in Welsh. It is a lovely place for families to go after a day spent in Victoria Park or to go for a coffee after having your hair cut next door.

I order a cappuccino and a plain waffle with an extra scoop of Mario’s ice cream. The cappuccino was really nice and a good price at £1.80. The waffle was something made from heaven, it was angelic. The waffle although described as plain was perfect. Served with maple syrup and with the added ice cream it wasn’t on my plate for long. The waffle was £3.90 and with the added ice cream for an extra pound. It was not only gorgeous but affordable. My friend ordered the Banoffee Waffle. Her waffle was served with whipped cream sliced banana, flaked chocolate and rich toffee sauce. She said that it was dreamy , she loved the fresh banana and the toffee sauce. Her waffle came to £4.90. She also had a hot chocolate which came with marshmallows and sprinkled chocolate for £2.70.

Overall I am so glad I found this cafe and will definitely go there again, not only are they masters in the art of waffle making but they also serve crepes which I look forward to trying.

For a while now when ordering waffles in restaurants I have been served hard and cold objects which resemble the square shape of what should have been the delicious sounding waffle I ordered. This cafe was a refreshing change as it defiantly serves the best waffles in Cardiff.


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