Fat Girl vs The Smoke Haus

The Smoke Haus was a test of eating skill. Unfortunately the Smoke Haus beat me. As it describes on its website the Smoke Haus is an American Diner serving quality food in a great atmosphere, with huge portions and masses of meat. This was a correct description of my meal at the Smoke Haus. New to the city a friend and I decided to go along and see what the Diner has to offer. Inside the spacious restaurant was a the typical American decor and rock and roll playing. The menu overall all sounded mouth watering and there was also a really good lunch time menu offering two meals for £12. I chose a burger called the Hog Father. The name was the first warning. The cheeseburger is topped with Smoke Haus pulled pork, smoked bacon and warm bbq sauce. It came with a huge portion of skin on fries and a pot of coleslaw. The fashionable pulled pork was sweet and tender, the burger was chunky and the bacon perfectly crisp. The masses of meat was incredibly filling. By the time I defeated the Pork Father, I couldn’t finish the gorgeously crisp fries. Although the coleslaw did look like it had been taken from a supermarket packet, the meal overall was beautifully cooked. The burger with the fries and coleslaw came to £10.95, which for the size of the portion and quality of the food is reasonable.

My friend ordered the Texas Link Po Boy which was Texas Link sausages, fried and served in a warm hoagie roll topped with fried onions and dirty sauce served with a bucket of skin on fries and coleslaw. She enjoyed the meal, she thought it was cooked well and she enjoyed the pickles in the sandwich. Like me she was full and could finish her meal. Her meal was £8.95.

The Smoke Haus reminded me of the television program man vs food. The portions were huge so be prepared to really exercise your digestive system. It brings a lovely change from the typical commercial American diners like TGI’s, with interesting new dishes. I will definitely go again. Next time I will probably try the Elvis Po Boy. The dish sounds interesting, a favourite of Elvis’, it is a hoagie roll filled with banana, bacon and a layer of peanut butter. Maybe not for the faint hearted. I will have to do some serious training before I return to the Smoke Haus.

The Smoke Haus 1-0 Fat Girl.


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