Not so Magic Wrap.

On a recent shopping trip in Cardiff, my brother and I ventured for something to eat. We found “The Magic Wrap” on Barrack Road close to St Davids 2. I thought we should try it, we looked at the menu outside and seemed interested in the idea that you create your own healthy wrap. When entering it was a little intimidating with five members of staff waiting on you to decide what you wanted. The overall feel of the Magic Wrap was that you walk in knowing what you want and use the place as a quick stop before heading off to work or the shops.

My brother and I each chose to have a regular size white wrap. I chose to create my own style. you had a choice of either mint yoghurt or Humous, I chose Humous and all the salad fillings ( lettuce, carrot, peppers and red onions). You then choose the sauce, my choice was sweet chilli. The meat choice was next I chose a chilli chicken. There is a choice of extras but these didn’t really appeal to me and probably for the best because the wrap was already pretty full. The wrap was then put in the grill. My brother chose to have a designed wrap. He picked the “Spicy Jamaican”. This included mixed herb chicken, sweet mango chutney, topped with Backyard’s original, authentic, Hot Jamaican jerk sauce. Both these wraps came to £3.55.

Overall my brother and I were not really fussed with the wrap. It was simple the flavours were good, but they could have been grilled for longer (the cheese in my wrap had not melted). It was also quite messy to eat on the go with the sauce spilling from the wrappings. This is a good place for you to grab a quick healthy lunch if you work in town ( take some tissues with you in case of spills) but I probably won’t be returning. There wasn’t really a wow factor with the wrap that the name had promised.  Sorry Magic Wrap.

IMG_1394 IMG_1397

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