Fat Girl Takes Away: Top Gun

I have found potentially the best fish and chips in Wales. I had heard many great things about Top Gun and thought that on a wet Friday evening it was time for me to try it out. I went to the Top Gun in Cardiff Bay, there are others in Whitchurch and a small one in the city centre. The shop itself was very nice. It has a seating area so people can eat in, this will be ideal in the summer months when more tourist come to the area. The prices were good, I was eating with my family so ordered a regular portion of chips which was £1.65 and a large portion at £2.55. I also ordered three mini cods which were £3.00 each. All together it came to £13.70 with an added pot of homemade tartar sauce for 50p. The menu not only offers fish and chips, but the usual array of chicken, pies and also fruit fritters.

When arriving home we reheated it in the oven for 5 minutes and served them. It was delicious. The cod was soft and the batter crispy which is just how I like it. The chips were gorgeous, they weren’t greasy or soggy they were cooked well fresh and fluffy inside. The tartar sauce was lovely. There was no greasy stuffed after feeling from the meal which I find I suffer from most chip shops.

I definitely recommend Top Gun. It has been put in the perfect location down the Bay and was something that the place was lacking. Good old British fish and chips!


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