Barking for Barkers

On a recent shopping trip my mum decided she would share the joys of Barker Tea House. Tucked away in the High Street Arcade in Central Cardiff this neat vintage feeling Tea House is a lovely place to stop off after hitting the shops. My mum and I went in at mid day just after they had finished serving breakfast which was a shame because their menu sounds delicious. I chose to have a Caramel milkshake and toasted teacakes with strawberry jam. I had seen a lot of pictures online featuring their milkshakes so thought I would give it a try. It was really nice, they added ice cream to it so the milkshake was creamy and the Caramel was the perfect flavour, lovely and sweet. The milk shake came in a traditional milk bottle and was the perfect amount. The tea cakes were lovely with the butter and jam being a perfect combination.

My mum choose a Minty Hot chocolate and a Caramel and Pecan cake. The hot chocolate looked amazing, sprinkled with chocolate and topped with cream and a flake. The cake looked delicious and a lovely soft sponge.

Overall our outing cost £13.58, which is very reasonable for the standard. The service was very good and the place had a friendly atmosphere. The decor was very unique and quirky. This is a perfect pit stop and I will definitely go again.

IMG_1411 IMG_1412 IMG_1413 IMG_1408

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