Who Ate All The Pies? Fat Girl did…

I have heard so much about Pie Minister. A friend and I decided that we had to go and see what it was all about. The small but kooky restaurant is situated on Saint Mary Street in Cardiff Centre. There was a great variety of pies on offer, all pies were £4.50. I chose a deal which was two sides and a pie for £8.50. My pie was the Free Ranger. A chicken, ham hock pie with leek and thyme. The two sides I chose were mash and minty mushy peas. For a drink I chose the Victorian lemonade. The pie was really good with a perfect pastry and chunky filling, it was served with delicious gravy. The filling of the pie worked really well. The peas were gorgeous the mint created a perfect combination. The mash was lovely and creamy with not a lump in sight. The Victorian Lemonade was refreshing.  Altogether the meal was delicious and did what all great pies achieve, made me feel incredibly full.

My friend had the Fungi chicken which was a chicken, field and chestnut mushroom pie. She chose a super side of the sweet potato fries at £3.75. She loved the fries but wasn’t too fond of the gravy, which I felt the pie needed to keep it from being too dry.

Overall I really liked the Pie Minister. The meal was a really reasonable price coming altogether to £11. However there wasn’t much variation with the sides menu. Usually with pies I like a bit of vegetables like carrots or broccoli, the closest thing to veg was the cauliflower cheese. The place seemed really popular with a lot of people getting pies to take away. This time of year a pie is ideal, but with the summer months approaching I am not sure if the pies will be as popular. Any way I had a really lovely lunch there and will return, I recommend this to all pie lovers!!

IMG_1424 IMG_1425  IMG_1428 IMG_1432 IMG_1427

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