New York Deli, New York Deli, Start Spreading the News!

I have had my first New York Deli experience. New York Deli’s home is in the High Street Arcade in Cardiff Centre.

A friend and I went in at lunchtime. I have seen pictures on review sites and thought the deli served some interesting sandwiches and Hoagies. The girls who served us were really nice and the service was quick. There is a slight Debbie Downer of the Deli not having a card machine so bring cash if you go! The seating area is cool, a lot of benches and small tables upstairs and downstairs, you can sit outside too. We chose to sit inside.

I order the Sinatra in the form of a sandwich. This consists of a light rye bread, salami, provolone cheese, sweet chilli sauce, gherkins and cream cheese. This was £4.20. The sandwich was really filling, I think perhaps because of the thick cream cheese.  I really enjoyed the sandwich, especially the gherkins which were crunchy and sweet. The sweet chilli sauce was good with the cheese. My friend ordered the Richie Parks Special at £5.00. This looked really good, I did get a bit of food envy over it. The Richie Parks Special is hot salt beef, melted swiss with gherkins and french mustard in a Hoagie. This looked awesome, smothered in cheese and full of meat. She did say next time she would get it in bagel form because the hoagie was filling.

If you are looking for a sandwich lunch and want to fill your boots, go to New York Deli! I bet if Joey Tribbiani was Welsh, he would be there every lunch time!!

.IMG_1457 IMG_1458 IMG_1459 IMG_1462

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