Brunch Time!

My friend and I fancied going somewhere for brunch, I had heard that the Fino lounge was a good destination. When we arrived it was quite busy, we weren’t sure whether we were to wait to be seated or we should just grab a table. We ended up sitting ourselves and realised that you go up and order your food up at the bar. The Fino Lounge is a bar and restaurant in the night, you could tell that not only by the menu but there was a slight smell of stale alcohol. The brunch menu looked really good. I had looked the night before and thought the pancakes were a good option. When seeing them served to a table opposite I changed my mind and went for the Egg and Bacon Stack. My friend chose the Lounge Breakfast. We both had freshly squeezed orange juice which was really lovely and sweet.

Our food arrived. My Egg and Bacon stack was eggy bread and bacon drizzled with golden syrup. This cost £5.25. I really enjoyed this. I was a bit wary of golden syrup with egg and bacon but it went really well. The eggy bead was lovely and soft, the bacon was yummy. Altogether I really enjoyed it. Compared to other breakfasts I wasn’t uncomfortably full which means I won’t be filled with regret and rush to the gym straight away. My friends breakfast was back bacon, sausage pattie, hash browns, baked beans, black pudding, grilled tomato, button mushrooms, fried egg and toast. She really enjoyed it and was full after. She did say that she would have preferred to have a normal sausage than the pattie.

The Fino Lounge’s brunch was really good. The service overall was brilliant, really friendly. I will be going again perhaps to try their Tapas. It looks delicious.

IMG_1469 IMG_1478 IMG_1470 IMG_1479


  1. Your eggy bread looks like our “American” french toast. Is it bread dipped in beaten eggs and milk, cinnamon and vanilla then pan fried in butter? What is golden syrup? Your posts make me want to venture to your part of the world.

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    1. Thanks for the comment!! Eggy bread is just like French toast but really it can be as simple as dipping a slice of bread into whisked egg and a drop of milk then frying it in butter. Golden syrup is like honey. You should come, we Brits have loads of classic dishes!


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