Star of Wales: Bhunaful!!

The Star Of Wales has always been described to me as amazing, delicious and the best curry restaurant in Cardiff. It did not disappoint. A authentic Indian restaurant by Victoria Park in Canton, the Star Of Wales is brilliant. A friend and I went around half six in the evening so just before it got busy. We were seated immediately and had our drinks orders taken. We were then served papadums and some different sauces and chutneys. These were really tasty, especially the mango chutney which is always my favourite with a curry. The papadums were really crisp.

We then ordered our curries. I chose a chicken Bhuna with Pilau rice. My friend ordered a Chicken korma, pilau rice and chips. I usually just have a korma but felt adventurous. The Bhuna was a nice change, the sauce was thick but it wasn’t too spicy. The vegetables were finely cut and the chicken pieces were really chunky and tender. The pilau rice was lovely and fluffy. Overall my meal was gorgeous filled with different flavours and lovely meat. I was comfortably full after. My friend’s Korma looked really lovely and creamy. I did pinch a chip which was nice and crispy.

I highly recommend the Star of Wales. Each of our curries were £6.95 with an extra £2.50 for the rice. The whole menu sounded gorgeous especially the starters. The restaurant overall was really lovely with Indian paintings on the wall and a nice atmosphere. The staff were lovely and friendly, even joking around when they noticed my friend had spilled some curry on the table cloth. A lovely restaurant which is worth the visit!

IMG_1514 IMG_1515IMG_1513 IMG_1516IMG_1517

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  1. Thank you for your lovely comments from the manager and all the staff we are so glad you had a great time and we look forward to your next visit.

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