Bravo Côte Brasserie!

One of my friends was home from University for the week so what better than to catch up over a meal. We walked around town looking at different places and my friend pointed out there was a Côte Brasserie on Mill Lane. They were offering a lunch menu which was 2 courses for £9.95 and 3 courses for £11.90. This was appealing so we went for it. We were seated by the window which was nice and ordered our drinks. I chose a La Mortuacienne cloudy lemonade which was lovely and refreshing. We then ordered our courses. We shared some flat garlic bread for starter. This was really tasty, the garlic and parsley worked well however it was a bit greasy. Our main meal arrived. I had ordered a pan roasted and breaded chicken breast with potato puree, chives and mustard sauce. This was yummy. The chicken was crispy and the puree was amazing. The puree had a smokey taste to it which I loved and wasn’t lumpy which is always great. The mustard sauce was the best! Although I would have liked more of it, I did find that there wasn’t enough and towards the end the chicken did become a bit dry. I think I made a good choice out of the other options on the set menu because the quantity of chicken was generous and I felt full after it.

My friend chose the Steak Frites which was chargrilled thinly beaten out minute steak served with frites and garlic butter. She also ordered the side of the green salad. She really enjoyed it but would have liked the steak to be a more pink as the menu had suggested. The frites were nice and the side salads dressing was gorgeous. She said that she was glad she ordered the side salad because the meal would have been a bit plain without it.

We then ordered desert. I chose the crème caramel which was delicious. The caramel sauce was really strong and the crème was delightfully fresh. My friend chose the Crumble Aux Pommes. This was an apple compote with Normandy butter crumble and vanilla ice cream. It looked really appetising I did manage to have a try and the crumble was lovely especially with the spicy cinnamon.

I would go to Côte Brasserie again. However I would try to go between 12-7pm because the set menu is a great deal. The rest of the menu looked really delicious but a bit pricey. The restaurant was really lovely and in a good location. The staff were attentive and the service was swift. It seemed really popular and will be in the summer months especially when it is warm enough to eat outside in their seating area.

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