Fat Girl Grazes 

A friend and I decided to try the Grazing Shed in Cardiff. We went at lunch time to try their tidy burgers. The place didn’t seem that busy but had people pop in and out getting a takeaway. We decided to stay and eat in. The Grazing sheds seating area isn’t huge. It’s full of benches where you sit and share with other customers. So a very community style place, there are small signs encouraging  you to share your bench with others.

We ordered individually. I chose the John Wayne. This is a beef burger with cheddar, smokey bacon, BBQ sauce, red onion confit and lettuce. This alone is £7.95 but for £3.00 extra you can make it a meal with fries and a bottomless drink. My friend chose the Daisy Duke. Ths was a chicken burger with cheddar, BBQ and cajun dressing, boom boom mayo, red onion confit, rocket and lettuce. This was £7.00 again you could make it a meal.

The range of bottomless drinks were different from the usual coke, lemonade and fanta selection. Although they were hard to find, I had to ask where they were. I chose the ginger beer, which was really spicy. Unfortunatly the ice machine was either out of order or I couldn’t work it.

The service was swift. We were each given a number and told that they will call it out when our meal was ready. This reminded me a bit of Argos style serving. But the meal came quickly and was really warm. They each came in a wicker basket which was a quirky touch. The burger was delicious! There was lots of BBQ sauce which was really yummy. The lettuce was fresh and the onion confit sweet. Although the BBq and the confit was a weird taste together. The beef was really good and you could tell it was from a good local source. The skin on fries were gorgous and were demolished. The portion size overall was really good considering the price. My friend also really enjoyed her meal. Her burger was filled to the top which she found a bit messy to eat.

Although many reviews on various sites has described the Grazing Shed as fast food I disagree. Although the service style is like what you would find in a fast food establishment, the quality is much better and the fact it is local produce is brilliant! Although I am not convinved by the community style seating and the lack of cutlery the Grazing Sheds quality and reasonable price will have many customers returning for more.

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