Fat Girl Tucks Into Street Food Warehouse

On Good Friday myself and a friend decided to attend a Street Food Warehouse event in Cardiff Arms Park. We were told to turn up half an hour before our allocated seating time but there was really no need a queue only started to form ten minutes before five o clock. We paid £2 entry fee each and walked into this quirky outdoor area with seating and street food stalls and vans. We headed straight for the bar where there was a variety of beers and cocktails. We both had a Mock-tail which was served in a unique way. Served in a Chinese takeaway satchel which was really interesting and well thought up. The beers were served in a brown paper bag. The Mock-tail was really refreshing, filled with fresh fruits. The drinks suited the theme of street food which was great.

We decided to walk around and look at some of the different foods on offer before we plunged in. Rad Burgers had a great array of burgers and seemed incredibly popular. Passion and Soul barbecue smell was enticing. Nat&Co had some great looking cakes, pastries and breads. Mr Churro was attracting people with free samples and a welcoming smile. My friend immediately fell in love with the idea of Rad Burgers vegetarian range, she chose the sweet pot and chickpea fritter burger and some Rosemary fries which came to £8. She said the burger was amazing, although a bit pricey it was worth it for great quality. The Rosemary Fries smelt really strong and yummy. Rad Burgers were extremely popular so that meant a bit of a wait but I think it was worth it.  I decided to spread my meal out across a couple of venders. I went for Passion and Souls Tennessee style Beef Brisket Roll. It was great to see pulled pork and brisket there as they have become extremely popular in the food scene recently. It came served in a sweet bun with smokey bourbon gravy and crunchy coleslaw. I really enjoyed it! The beef was perfectly cooked, not dry but tender and tasty. The combination of the sauce, coleslaw and the beef complimented each other and was really filling. This meaty bundle came to £7. I then went in search of some fries, Meat in the Middles skinny fries caught my eye at £2.50. I was served a huge portion which were really crispy, thin and salty. I enjoyed them. My friend and I although full to the brim decided we had to finish by sharing some churros with warm dipping chocolate for £4. The churros were warm and crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Ours were covered with sugar and cinnamon which I felt it needed to bring a bit of a kick. The chocolate however I wasn’t fond of, it tasted a bit like melted ice-cream.

Overall it was a really fun experience. There was a really friendly atmosphere and the Dj was another great touch. The location in the centre of Cardiff was really good and the weather held out. I would say though for street food there wasn’t very much variety. There was a lot of burgers and chips and not many other street styles like Mexican or Indian or Italian. Perhaps that will be at the next event. I really enjoyed myself it was a great thing to do on the Bank holiday and really filled me up.

The Street Food Warehouse will be at Cardiff Arms Parks from five everyday this Bank Holiday weekend so go stuff your faces!!

Features: Radburger.com   Passionandsoul.com   Meatinthemiddle.com   Natandco.co.uk     churroandchocolatewales.co.uk

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  1. Found this from Don Charisma – and the food does look yummy. Coming from the land of barbecue and beef brisket (the US South), I the brisket offering looked pretty good. It’s really easy to make your own very tasty beef brisket – you just need a slow cooker. Come to NYC or Boston or Chicago for some over the top food fares! Great post!

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