A Masterpiece!! Steak Of Art.

A friend and I decided we had to go and try out Steak of Art, on Churchill Way. We booked a table for 7:30pm and were seated upon arrival. Entering this restaurant is like entering a different world, perhaps a wonderland of art. It has a kooky feel and every area is eye catching. From the Dalek, to the cows legs and the air balloon it has lots going on. Its is full of colour and has a really good vibe. We were sat to the side so that we could admire all the bizarre features. Our drinks orders were taken and we were left to peruse the menu. It felt wrong not to order steak so my friend and I each order sirloin steak (there are other options which sound equally appetising). It came with a choice of hand-cut chips or sweet potato fries, we both decided to have the sweet potato fries which brought the meal to £17. There is then an option to add a supplementary sauce for £2. I chose to have porcini mushroom and tarragon sauce while my friend chose a herby butter. There were side options which were mainly vegetables, we decided to share a portion of peas and carrots. Altogether my main meal was £20.50.

Our main meal arrived and smelt beautiful. Although we were surrounded by art there wasn’t much presentation on the plate but that was forgiven as soon as I had a taste. We both asked for medium rare and were happy to see both steaks were cooked perfectly. They were easy to cut through and were not too chewy. The sweet potato fries looked lovely and colourful. They were well seasoned and were really scrummy. I found they were a great alternative to the chips that frequently fill up my plate. They felt less starchy and sweeter.  I loved the sauce!! It tasted earthy from the mushrooms and complemented the steak perfectly. The peas and carrots were a small portion with very few carrots although we were sharing. I really enjoyed them, they were sweet and had a delicious flavour. My friend really enjoyed her steak and she thought the sweet potato fries were brilliant. She wasn’t to fond that the herby butter came separately from her dish and wasn’t already melting on her steak. Overall our main meal was gorgeous .The sauce and steak was an excellent combination for your tastebuds.

We then ordered dessert. I chose the Eton mess iced parfait at £5. My friend chose the creme brûlée with roasted pistachios at £5. Overall the dessert menu looked really varied and had a great feature of recommending a cocktail for your dessert. Unfortunately I was driving but I am sure the strawberry and basil lemonade would have been impressive. My dessert was divine. It was really well presented and tasted as beautiful as it looked. The strawberries were really tasty and oozed juices. The meringue was crunchy and sweet. The parfait was a bit hard to cut but it was so lovely and creamy. Altogether my dessert was a masterpiece. My friends creme brûlée looked equally good. She really enjoyed it and said the caramel was gorgeous.

The meal came to £55.45 for the both of us, which for what we both had and the quality of the food was reasonable. Overall I really enjoyed the food that was served and loved the whole concept of the restaurant. After the meal we had a look around the gallery which featured inside the restaurant, that had some great local pieces. I think that where the main meal is concerned the sauces should been included in the price of the steak, especially if you order the herby butter. But apart from that I can’t complain much about Steak of Art. The service was lovely our waitress Molly was really great, she talked to us about the restaurant and helped us with the menu. I would recommend this restaurant, a great addition to Cardiff’s food scene and a brilliant concept!!

IMG_1685 IMG_1087IMG_1682 IMG_1687 IMG_1684  

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