Giving Bills a Second Date..

I thought when creating this website that I would not do revisits until I had done a substantial amount of posts but I have gone against myself because of the restaurant chain Bills. They recently opened another Bills in Cardiff  which is in a great spot down the Bay. Bills is one of those restaurant that uses the space they are given and make each one slightly different from the others. I had a different dining experience at the Bills down the bay than the Bills I had previously written about. Therefore I think it deserves its own write up. I think the restaurant has a lot of positives. It is in a better location. It is bigger and the restaurants table and chairs are arranged better. The restaurant has a lot more light thanks to the glass windows in the back which are  great to people watch out of. The atmosphere was similar to the one in town, same type of music which I noted before as being a positive aspect.

My friend and I went for a late lunch and decided to try the Bay over city centre. The Bay has had a bit of food revival recently so there are lots of choices. We chose Bills because of the lunch menu. It is a good price at £9.95 for two courses or £11.95 for three. I chose to have three courses because at 2:30pm I had only consumed coffee. For my starter I ordered the squid. A great decision, it was a reasonable portion and came with a really delightful sweet chilli and lime dipping sauce. The squid was breaded and was cooked perfectly, it wasn’t too chewy. I really enjoyed this starter it was a delicious dish which set me up perfectly for my main meal. I chose the chargrilled sirloin served with skin on fries. This did add £2 to the £11.95 but what do you expect when you order steak. My steak was cooked to my preference which is always pleasing. It was peppery which added a bit of a kick. Although it was a tad cold I forgave them because my fries were yummy. Skin on fries are usually the best way to have fries, crispy and flavoursome. Carb- perfection.  For desert I chose the chocolate brownie and ice-cream. This came with mouth-watering chocolate sauce. I was sent to chocolate heaven which I expect when I order a brownie.

Overall Bills has proved that chains can be unique and that for me having a good restaurant sometimes isn’t just about the food but about the space and location. If you are looking for lunch down the Bay head to Bills.

IMG_2170 IMG_2171 IMG_2173

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