Science Cream: A Genius Idea!

Ice Cream is the food of Gods, there is no doubt about it. It’s perfect for every situation. If you are on a beach or sofa, ice cream is the perfect companion. So when I heard about a new kind of ice cream parlour in the city centre I was intrigued. How could you make ice cream any better? Well its safe to say Science Cream has found the winning formula.

Science Cream uses Liquid Nitrogen to make their own ice cream in front of your eyes. The Liquid Nitrogen rapidly creates a tiny ice crystals which evaporate after coming into contact with the ice cream base. It’s perfectly safe! By the time you are served your portion of ice cream there is no trace of Nitrogen. The results however is mouth-watering !!

There are a wide range of flavour, toppings and sauces to choose from. You could go for traditional flavours or try some of the parlours inventions. The toppings and sauces are included in the price which is very reasonable. There is a choice between two sizes regular which is £3.95 or large at £4.95.

I chose to have a regular size salted caramel ice-cream with chocolate cookie topping and a salted caramel sauce. This ice cream was mind-blowing. The ice cream was really velvety and the flavour tasted delicious. The cookie was really chewy and the sauce was sweet and thick. A genius combination and a perfect size portion.

From a professional ice cream eater this was the best ice cream I have tasted! I would really recommend popping into Science Cream! Its made science yummy.


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