Chapter One: Breakfast

Chapter is an ambitious, multi-art space located on Market Road, Canton. It includes a cinema, theatre groups and much more creative activities. It also includes a very vibrant café-bar. My friends and I decided this will be our location for breakfast on a Friday morning.

The café-bar area was busy. It was full with coffee drinkers, laptop workers and newspaper readers, however there was plenty of room for us to park our bottoms. It is an interesting area full of large artwork and quirky features, there is also a garden area which looks comfortable to sit in when the weather is good.

We went to the counter to order our breakfast and coffees. My friend had mentioned many times about Chapter’s amazing pancakes so now was my opportunity to see if they were up to scratch. I ordered the pancakes with a forest fruit compote and natural yoghurt. This was £6.50 including either a tea, filter coffee or an orange juice. I decided to pay an extra £1.20 to get a cappuccino. One of my friends also ordered pancakes but with syrup and bacon while my other friend went for a sausage sandwich which was £3. They were busy but our orders were served swiftly. They were presented well and the pancakes were served in a large stack which was good considering the price. All the pancakes were all the same size and the same golden colour. The compote was scrumptious and not too lumpy or watery, this is good because it didn’t make the pancakes soggy. The yoghurt was sweet. All the flavours complimented each other. The buttery pancakes, the sharp fruit and sweet yoghurt was a great way to wake my tastebuds up. Not only that but the meal was filling.

My friends meals looked equally appetising. The pancakes looked just as mouthwatering drizzled in syrup with crispy bacon. The sausage sandwich looked scrumptious.

There are so many tempting choices on Chapters menu. I have heard many rumours about their sweet potato fries so there may have to be a chapter two in the future. Although it was a tad pricey I really enjoyed the food and atmosphere at Chapter. I recommend you all go and visit!

IMG_2866 IMG_2865

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