100% Vegan = Anna-Loka

A new restaurant to the Cardiff scene is Anna-Loka. The first 100% vegan restaurant in Cardiff, it should be tried by all residents. I have always been a bit wary when it comes to vegan food but after my visit to Anna-Loka all my worries have gone out the window. Even the biggest of carnivores will be satisfied by the food served here. As mentioned previously in my blog posts my close friend is a vegan. She finds it hard to find a good restaurant that serves good vegan food. Forget the bland vegan options, Anna-Loka offers something delicious that everyone can enjoy!

My friend and I went on a Monday lunchtime so we ordered from the brunch menu. My friend chose the sweet pancakes at £5.50. This was presented covered in fresh strawberries and blueberries. The pancakes looked yummy. I did have a bite, they were sweet and had a cinnamon kick. Made out of tofu these pancakes were delightful and soft, she really enjoyed them.

I ordered the tofu rancheros at £4.00. This was a homemade salsa, guacamole, cucumber and “cheese” sauce all served in a tortilla basket. I also ordered a virgin mojito. The mojito was sweet and refreshing, a perfect drink for a warm day! My dish was presented beautifully. The “cheese” sauce and salsa were tangy but the avocado neutralised it and stopped the flavours from being too overpowering. The tomatoes were so fresh and invigorating. The tortilla basket wrapped all these luscious flavours together. There were a few too many peppercorns for my liking but it was a scrumptious dish perfect on a brunch menu. The flavours took away from the fact their was no meat.

My friend insisted that I tried the dessert so I chose a peanut date bomb. This was a date stuffed with peanuts and topped with a cherry. I have never been a huge fan of dates but this bomb destroyed my past judgement. The date was so sweet it made my tastebuds tingle. The peanuts gave the dish a bit of crunch. It was a perfect treat which I wanted more of!!

My friend ordered the key lime pie which we were told is a popular choice. It looked yummy. I had a bite of course. It had the perfect blend of sweet and sour. The base was lovely and crumbly.

I really enjoyed my meal at Anna-Loka! It has changed my opinion on vegan food. However I would have liked a bit more of everything, the portion sizes could have been bigger. Please don’t be put off by the vegan label the food served here is mouthwatering! A perfect place to brunch. We need more restaurants like Anna-Loka in Cardiff please.


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