Cicchetti: A Pizza Italy In Radyr

Radyr isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you are looking for restaurants. But actually Radyr’s Station Road contains a little piece of Italy in the form of Cicchetti. A quaint but thriving restaurant outside the busy city Cicchetti offers a good standard of food. It was recommended to me by a friends mum who said when she went there she was transported to Italy. So it seemed a good place to try on a raining Monday evening.

Cicchetti’s layout is intimate. The wooden interior and warm smell of pizza creates a cosy atmosphere. Pizza seemed the perfect choice for me. Cicchetti serves a hand stretched 12 inch pizza with fior di latte cheese, this sounded irresistible. The restaurant also offers a good deal between 5:30-7pm of a pizza with Peroni for £10.

Although the toppings range was a tad restrictive I chose the Fiorentina pizza at £9.95. This was a pizza topped with meatballs and salsicce piccante. This was presented on a wooden palette. The toppings were evenly scattered and the base was flat which is how I like my pizza. The pizza was oily which I think is because of my meat toppings. The crust was in-between soft and crunchy which is perfect, I hate a crunchy crust. The cheese was very stringy, which did get me in a bit of a tangle. The sausage was really very smoky but the meatballs lacked flavour. I would have liked some additional topping like peppers, onions or mushrooms just to add some different textures. One complaint I do have to make is that the cutlery provided was not very good when it came to cutting the pizza, the knives were blunt. Overall a good tasty pizza.

My friend ordered the Ortolana pizza at £8.95. This was topped with roasted vegetables and buffalo mozzarella. The vegetables looked gorgeous. She really enjoyed her pizza and found it filling.

I ordered the Tiramisu for dessert at £3.95. This was a large portion and looked delicious. However it was far too creamy for me. The amount of mascarpone overpowered the coffee and Tia Maria liquor. The sponge was also as flat as the pizza base. I would have preferred more sponge and less mascarpone.

Overall I wasn’t too impressed with my meal choices. Next time I think I would chose a pasta dish or from their set menu. The service at Cicchetti was good and service swift. We did wait a bit to pay but it was very busy. My recommendation is to book before going, it seems to be a very popular choice.



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