Somewhere To Try In 2016; Chai Street

Chai Street brings Indian city food to Cardiff with authentic snacks and main meals. Located on Cowbridge Road this small but popular restaurant provides the flavours of India at a reasonable price.

I went along with two friends on a busy Tuesday night. The restaurant is quite small but fits a number of tables and a small bar. The decor is vibrant  with posters and bright colours.

For my starter I ordered the chicken lollipops at £3.75. This was fired chicken wings marinated with ginger, garlic and spices. They looked mouthwatering! The chicken was so succulent and the flavours were gorgeous. I could eat this starter all day! It defiantly warmed up my tummy muscles.

For my main dish I ordered the Chai combo £6.95. This was a chicken curry served with rice. This arrived in what can only be described as a school dinner tray. In the different slots there were different accompaniments. The curry was in the biggest slot. The chicken in the curry was chunky and like the wings tender. The sauce was creamy but had a tickle of heat. In another slot there was “lentil of the day” which is homemade lentils tempered with mustard and curry leaves. I am not a huge fan of lentils but this tasted really good. Its texture was like a sort of mash and the flavours gave the lentils some life. Another accompaniment was “potato of the day”. This was my favourite part of the dish. It’s simply potatoes tossed in aromatic spices. It was delicious! Overall my main meal was filled of different flavours, textures and spices. Really tasty.

One of my friends ordered the Chai special £9.95, which I got food envy over. This was 3 different portions of curry. One chicken, one lamb and the other vegetable. This came with a bajji, rice, nam bread and “potato of the day”. It looked heavenly. She really enjoyed it. My friend (the Vegan one) had a Vegan Thai. This was a vegetable curry, Dal, Raita, pickles, mini poppadum’s, rice and a nam bread. This looked really delicious! Its brilliant to see another restaurant serving flavoursome and delicious food that it vegan!!

The idea of an Indian desert excited me! Most times when I eat an Indian meal I am full from the starters and curries. But at Chai Street I was determined to try one. I chose the Gajar Ka Halwa with ice cream. Described as an unusual Indian King of deserts. Its made with grated carrots, whole milk, dried fruit and nuts. It was a weirdly addictive dish. The first weary spoonful contained mixed emotions, but the more I eat the more I enjoyed the fudge texture. It was sweet and tasty. I recommend trying it!

Overall I really enjoyed Chai Street! Its unique service and authentic flavours has given me a new outlook on Indian cuisine. I want to go back for more. If you are looking for somewhere new to eat in 2016, you must pop along and try for yourself.


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  1. Hey I am from India and it was so interesting to read this! Love that you tried so many good things and liked it! Gajar ka halwa is a winter specialty in India so hopefully I will get to eat it soon! 😀


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