Pitch Perfect Chips!

Pitch is a small but independent restaurant trying to get noticed on a busy Mill Lane in the centre of Cardiff.

Two friends and myself went to have lunch there after reading some good reviews and seeing pictures of some mouthwatering food. However we were the only customers which was quite peculiar for lunch time but we gained by having the full attention of the waitress who was quick to take our orders and overall delivered friendly service.

The lunchtime menu was a wide selection of salads, sandwiches and main meals for a reasonable price. You could also choose from the brunch menu if you are there before two. The menu for brunch is full of the usual fry up options with a few twists. Pitch prides itself on producing modern Welsh food from locally sources makers and markets which is always great to hear in a city that is full of chain restaurants.

My friends and I were particularly hungry at this lunchtime so we decided to abuse Pitch’s burger options.  I did have a starter even though the menu looked very ordinary. I ordered the breaded calamari that was apparently going to arrive with tartar sauce, I was denied the tartar and given sweet chilli instead which is fine and a good choice with the calamari although it did feel like it did just come out of a bottle.  The calamari looked lovely and was not overly chewy. It was presented well with garnish but wasn’t heavily  breaded which made it a nice light starter overall especially when it was only £3.50.


I ordered the pulled pork burger. This seems to now be a norm in all restaurants since the pulled pork and brisket summer of last year. On the menu it was described as a Pitch 12 hour smoked pork shoulder in a BBQ sauce served with a salad garnish. I was interested to see how this was going to be presented because in most restaurants this is plainly a dollop of pork in a bun which can be a messy affair. I was not surprised when I came face to face with this exact description. The pulled pork was just plopped into a bun, to be fair there isn’t much wrong with this apart from the lack of originality. The salad was non-existent but I didn’t really miss it, the pork was succulent and the sauce with it was a success. The bun itself was a bit stodgy and dull, I think a brioche bun may have been a better fit for this burger. The chips that were served with this burger were perfect! They were triple cooked so goodness knows how calorific they are but thats not the point, these chips were crispy golden and soft on the inside. They made the meal.

My friends had the Hoff burger and the chicken burger. The Hoff burger was a beef burger, again locally sourced beef and the chicken burger was a home breaded chicken breast. They both added bacon and cheese to the burger for £1. The whole idea of adding ingredients for £1 does seem rather a pointless ordeal, why not make the burger a solid £10 and serve it with both?

Overall Pitch has the basis of a good restaurant, the menu is likeable and the chips were amazing. However I think that the location of the restaurant is difficult when harnessing a lunchtime trade. They do have an interesting cocktail menu so it maybe worth going in the evening to experience the restaurant at its best. I have heard amazing things about there Sunday lunch sharing boards which I am desperate to go and try. If the chips were good the roast potatoes will surely be memorable!

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