Summery Goodness at Milgi

Milgi’s mantra is everyday plant based eating. This translates in their dishes with interesting blends of flavours, textures and colours which are not only yummy but are also good for you.

Milgi is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant that has slotted itself into Cardiff’s busy City Road.IMG_3665

It is a small restaurant but has plenty of stools, tables and chairs to fit a lot of customers. One thing I did notice however was that a lot of couples were finding it particularly difficult to manoeuvre prams around.

My vegan friend and I went to try Milgi’s lunchtime menu on a sunny Tuesday afternoon.

I was aiming to be as healthy as humanly possible so decided to have a vibrant green juice (£4.20) and the wholefood bowl (£6.50). The vibrant green juice was a mixture of apple, celery, cucumber, spinach, parsley and lime. The colour was definitely vibrant green and the juice tasted so sweet and refreshing.

The wholefood bowl of that day included Thai spiced pan fried tofu with roasted purple potato, basil and chia, spring vegetables, peanuts and chilli, coconut rice, pink grapefruit, sprouted aduki with a coriander and cashew dressing.

Yes this sounds like a mass of holy healthiness and lets be honest, it was!

The bowl was full of colour with the grapefruit and potatoes standing out.Tofu is a food which sometimes I love but on most occasions I deem it pointless. The tofu in this bowl was so tasty and flavoursome, its spices added a little heat wave to the dish.The peanuts and aduki gave some different textures while the spring vegetables gave freshness.The winning elements were the purple potatoes and the coriander cashew dressing. The potatoes were so deliciously creamy and the sauce cemented the flavours together. However I wanted more of it!!The wholefood bowl had elements of goodness but also had some parts which weren’t really needed. The coconut rice felt a bit like it was there just to fill the bowl up and towards the end of the dish became boring and bland. I think what would be a good idea in reference to the wholefood bowl is to give more than one choice of contents or enable the customer to choose their own ingredients with a selection menu. If I had this option I would have opted out of the coconut rice.

My vegan friend ordered homemade fresh lemonade with ginger (£3.00). This looked like a really good choice for a hot day. She chose the burrito (£6.50) for her dish. This contained refried beans, brown rice, cashew mayonnaise and salsa served with season salad.   This wasn’t very well presented but she enjoyed it. However we both agreed that it is a crime to have a burrito without guacamole!!

Overall Milgi is a nice spot for what was an expensive but healthy lunch. The staff are lovely and the atmosphere was a calm vibe which I liked. I highly recommend going even if you are not a vegan as it is a great place to try different food and treat your body to some extremely healthy dishes.

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