BreakFast At Jaspers

Jaspers is a petite tearoom located at the top of Llandaff High Street. I often walk past and gaze in at the gorgeous cakes and afternoon tea antics, so when a friend wanted to catch up I suggested Jaspers. We went at about ten o’clock on a Wednesday morning that was a particularly quiet time as the tearoom was empty. There were however lots of reservation cards on tables for later in the day so a tip is to book in advance if you are thinking of going for afternoon tea. The décor of the tearoom was cosy with wooden furniture and small windows looking out onto the street. It gave off a feeling of a country cottage.

We both decided to get breakfast as the menu had a few options and we were both hungry. My friend chose the bacon roll (£3.95). The fresh bread roll was stuffed full of crispy bacon. The rather large portion looked delicious. What was a bit weird was that a small portion of crisps was served with it that seems a bit random for a breakfast meal. Perhaps it was just there to fill some space on the plate but honestly I don’t think it was necessary. My friend really enjoyed her bacon roll which is something that honestly you can’t go wrong with for breakfast.

I ordered an Americano that came in a lovely big cup. It was strong and rich which was much appreciated in the morning. I chose the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs (£5.95). You could have it served with a slice of toast, muffin, crumpet or bagel. I hardly ever have crumpets and something in my mind said I should have it with my salmon and eggs. I think it was appealing because not many café or restaurants serve them as part of a breakfast dish. I now understand why. There was nothing wrong with the food individually. The dish was smartly presented. The salmon was laid over the soft fluffy scrambled eggs. The crumpets were nice on their own but with the scrambled egg the meal become a mushy crumbly mess. Interestingly the plate also included a side salad with chilli sauce. Either the clock was wrong in the kitchen or again this was another tactic to the fill the plate. The salad didn’t belong on the plate and was not needed.

Overall I think Jaspers needs to work on the breakfast menu and dishes served or just scrap it and stick to what they appear to do best, their afternoon teas. I will return to Jaspers but for a slice of cake and another cup of coffee. I hope the cake doesn’t come with salad on the side.

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