Servini’s A Cardiff Staple

Servini’s is a cosy and quirky Café in Cardiff’s Wyndham Arcade. The Café fits into the tidy vintage Arcade but offers comfort good food and a warm coffee.

I went with a friend on a chilly Thursday morning for brunch. Servini’s is  medium size place there are plenty of spots to perch your bottom on including rather grassy chairs.When we arrived it was busy with business discussions and other brunch revellers. We sat down and were immediately greeted with a simple but well catered for food menu. The great thing about Servini’s is that it serves breakfast all day and also has some really lovely lunch dishes which it serves from 12.  It was a dilemma about what to have luckily because it was busy we weren’t rushed to order.

We ordered coffees. My usual Americano and my friend ordered a caramel latte. Unfortunately they had run out of caramel syrup but had what was almost an upgrade of salted caramel. My friend loved this and I doubt a caramel latte will ever taste the same to her.

I didn’t feel like a massive brunch so opted for the mashed avocado with lime, tomato and onion, which were served on an English muffin with two poached eggs (£5.45). I added some Salmon with an additional amount of £2.00. This was beautifully presented although not as warm as I like it. The eggs were at perfect runny consistency and the avocado was creamy. The salmon added a lovely oily and salty element. The muffin was a tad chewy but not drastically. I would say overall this dish was a perfect light brunch option but if I had it again I would ask for no onions because they stood out like a sore thumb in the creamy avocado.

My friend ordered the Servini’s breakfast which was two eggs, two bacon, sausage, toast and a choice of mushrooms, tomatoes or beans (£5.95). You could also make it better with adding hash browns, black pudding, eggs, bacon or sausage at £1 each. My friend didn’t fancy the mushrooms; tomatoes or beans so just had eggs, bacon, sausage and toast. This looked in itself a lot with loads of bacon, sausage, buttery bread and gooey egg. She really enjoyed the breakfast and said it was warm, comforting and filling. It did look good in fact all the breakfasts that passed by looked delicious.

Servini’s is the perfect place when you need a good coffee, yummy food and a comfortable place to chill. The staff were not intrusive which I like but when asking questions or ordering they were extremely friendly. Servini’s has been in Cardiff for nearly fifty years and hopefully another fifty more. Go and try it!

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