Pizzas and Pies the Stable Diet of 2017.

New Year new me. Just kidding I have eaten in another restaurant and this time it is the Stable found in the centre of Cardiff on the side of Ty Admiral.

Established in 2009 the Stable brand has stretched across the West Country and has found itself in Wales’ capital. Holding 80 varieties of Cider and serving their own adventurous pizzas and handcrafted pies the Stable is a great place to refuel. So when a friend and I turned up at the beginning of January we threw our clean eating no carb diets out the window and got stuck in.

The Restaurant is a large space full of tables and benches of different sizes. This place could easily accommodate a number of birthday meals or after work drinks in a night due to the larger stretched tables in the centre. With a jumbled music playlist in the background and oversized candles on each table the restaurant gives off a slightly hipster vibe which is in no way a negative as we all from time to time need to get our hipster on.

We were seated by the glass wall looking out over to St David’s. At the Stable you have to go up and order at the bar and pay there and then. I’m not sure if this is just a lunchtime thing but I always find it a bit marmite for me. I like that it avoids the awkward waiting for the bill but I can never tell the correct procedure for going up and ordering. This encounter was particularly awkward when the card machine asked me if I would like to give a tip when I had only been there five minutes and couldn’t really determine the standard of service or food. The service overall however was friendly and swift so they did deserve the tip.

We went around lunchtime so with regret stayed away from the ciders. There is a lunchtime menu featuring wraps, buns and downsized pizzas but the main menu was also available which featured the handcrafted pies.

We decided to share the garlic bread for starter at £4.50. This was a thin sourdough base smothered with garlic and parsley butter. It was warm and had a doughy taste and texture. The butter was righteous! I can imagine it going well on top of a steak. Yum! The sourdough base was thin and therefore not that filling. Next time I would add the cheese for 50p extra just to add another element.

The Steak Out Pie £9.50

I decided that I was going to rebel against the lunch menu and try the Steak Out pie at £9.50. The Steak Out is a beef, stout and horseradish pie which comes with herb roasted potato wedges, a pickled onion and tomato chutney. The meal arrived with a standard no messing around you ordered a pie presentation. The pie had a hot water crust pastry that was beautifully browned on top and inside was filled to the brim with perfectly cooked beef. The herbs on the wedges packed a punch and inside the crispy casing was fluffy potato goodness. The downside was there were only four wedges. I mean come on don’t hold back on what I believe was the best element of the dish. The chutney didn’t work for me with this pie. Although it was really flavoursome and sweet I think red onion chutney would have been a better combination with the beef. The different textures overall did become dry and crumbly as the pie could have had more sauce inside and also the salad came with no dressing. The Stable gave me a pie and I ate all of it.


The Fresh Hawaiian £6.50

My friend stuck to the lunch menu and chose the Fresh Hawaiian pizza which was £6.50. All the Stable’s pizzas are made with a sourdough base and feature their homemade tomato sauce. The Stable use locally sourced toppings so the pizza menu gives off a Welsh vibe. The Hawaiian had smoked air dried ham that came from the award winning Trealy Farm in Monmouthshire. The pizzas other toppings were mozzarella, fresh pineapple and an option to add avocado or chillies. My friend added the avocado to her pizza. The pizza looked tasty and was a good size considering it was off the lunch menu. I find that pineapple on pizza is a criminal act but my friend really enjoyed all the combinations of flavours particularly the smoky ham. She did find however that the avocado didn’t really bring anything special to the pizza. The base meant that she wasn’t stuffed after she finished but she did feel that the pizza got colder quickly because of how thin it was. She also ordered a side salad at £4.00 that she enjoyed with the pizza. She wasn’t majorly fussed on the Dijon house dressing which honestly would have been better on my salad.

The Stable overall is something different with its quirky pizza toppings and its varieties of ciders. I would definitely go back in the evening to sample one of the pizzas. If you love cider, pies and pizza you will not be complaining at this watering hole.

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