Tucked away from the busy Albany road Blanche Bakery offers Cardiff donuts, cupcakes and other niceties all of which are 100% vegan.

Vegan restaurants and cafe’s has been popping up on this side of Cardiff so no wonder Blanche Bakery has set up shop close to places like Anna Loka and Milgi. 

I went with a friend on Easter weekend after stumbling on some of the bakeries creation on instagram (@blanchecardiff).

We arrived at the perfect time as it soon become quite crowded and busy. The place sticks to the name with its sleek and fresh appearance. This is a spot for both tea and coffee drinkers with a large variety of both which is always pleasing to see. We were not drawn to the minimalist brunch menu instead my focus was on one thing….  those damn good-looking donuts. There was a small option but each were different flavours. No donut seemed to be plain and were decorated perfectly. 

I had to contain the mouth-watering and pick one. Ok I chose two, get over it!

I went for the chocolate peanut butter and (as it was Easter) the creme egg donut. How could I resist?! I also went for the berry hibiscus tea. This was all presented in a clean and simple way. I loved the tea-pot as it really illustrated the rich colour and flavours of the tea. 

As these were vegan donuts I decided to tear them apart examine them, smell them and really try to find a difference. They looked like a donut, smelt fresh of that glorious donut smell. They were quite starchy however there was no real difference in texture.  The creme egg donut frosting tasted just as a creme egg should sticky, sweet and sickly. There was a hint of a popcorn flavour. The peanut butter donut had not a hint of chocolate which wasn’t disappointing. I liked the frosting, they hadn’t lazily just spread peanut butter over it. If they had it would have been dry and too salty ruining the donut completely. This was a sweet  peanut hint with an occasional crunchy flake. The one thing I will say which is possibly just a critique of all donuts but if I had flipped both donuts upside down and eaten the bottom of each there would be no difference in flavour at all. The frosting was the flavour. I may be wrong but I would have like some of the flavourings in the dough.  

My tea was gorgeous! It clashed with the sweet donuts bringing a sharp, bitter but fruity taste.

 My friend ordered the vanilla Matcha latte and one of their Easter cupcakes which was carrot cake sponge.The carrot cake was not the traditional sponge you would expect. Although light and fluffy there was only a hint of carrot and cinnamon. The cake was overwhelmingly sweet so the main punch was the sugar! My friend loved the beautiful Matcha latte! 

Overall Blanche Bakery is an interesting place to stop by. The donuts were tasty and looked gorgeous. If you had given me that donut on the street I wouldn’t have had any clue that it was vegan which in some ways is good but if you are using vegan as a unique selling point maybe look into other food areas or baked goods to keep it different.

Would I go there again? If I was Vegan and craved a good donut…. Yeah.

 It is a pretty, friendly and popular place. Go try it for yourself!

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  1. This looks like a great little place! I loved your review of the donuts, definitely made my mouth water haha! ♥️


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