Blue Honey= YUMMY

Sully’s at day but hit it up after 5 and the greasy spoon changes to mellow beats, dirty fries and designer wraps by Blue Honey night cafe. It has the attitude of sit down, eat, drink and chill. But truly you can tell the guys who are running the show are having the best time doing it. 

With Asian flavours it definitely leaves an impact on your taste buds. The menu is restricted which may seem a bit annoying (don’t worry veggies are catered for) but actually, in my opinion, it’s inspired. It shows me that what they make is tried, tested and perfected. Which after sampling it I can tell you is completely correct.


My boyfriend and I went on a Wednesday evening. The atmosphere is very casual with relaxing music playing from the decks, there were a few drinking groups and fellow food samplers. Its a menu on the wall go to the bar and order set up which is as straightforward as it comes. I just had a lemonade but there is a range of the normal bar favourites available to drink. We ordered two of the fresh khobez flatbread wraps to taste with some Korean fried chicken strips and loaded fries to share. (yes I know a lot but we couldn’t help it everything on the menu looked tempting!) There was a bit of a longer wait than usual but we didn’t mind too much as you could tell that every element of our food was being perfected. 

Our food arrived full of colour making our mouths water. I am a loaded fries addict which means more than anything I am immediately disappointed when they are bad, thankfully this was not the case! Those loaded fries were something else! Hot, crispy and sweet all at the same time, YUMMY! The Korean fried chicken also didn’t disappoint with crunchy texture and again that beautiful mixture of heat and sweet which gives your taste buds a workout.

Onto the wraps!

I chose the Asian crispy beef which was strips of beef marinated in soy and ginger with grilled pink pickled onions, chimichurri and salad. The beef was flavoursome however the pink pickled onion won the award for standing out. It was not overpowered by the soy and ginger marinade and added a fragrant element to the wrap. The khobez flatbread was thick and doughy however a little cold which was a tad disappointing but will be forgiven as the flavours made up for it.

My boyfriend chose the Korean fried chicken wrap which had the same crunchy chicken strips with asian slaw, pink pickled onions, sriracha mayonnaise, gouchujang sauce and coriander. He really enjoyed  the flavours especially the sriracha mayo. 

The food we had at the Blue Honey night cafe was scrumptious. I really think the ideas and mixtures of flavours with the simplistic nature makes them not only unique, but masters of the taste buds. I would go back everyday as I don’t think I would get sick of those loaded fries! Its definitely one to try for food or just for a drink and chill! 

Check them out!

Instagram: @bluehoneynightcafe        Located: Sully’s Cafe, 4-5 Quay St Cardiff  (remember after 5pm til 1am)

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